Photographer: Lianna Gutierrez
Assistant: Richmond Parakhen
Brand: Joyrich

A lot has happened these past few months and since I last posted in February. I'm officially 21 now! Being a full-fledge legal adult has not changed me much aside from the fact that I can now legally go to events, bars, clubs, and lounges. (Like I even have time to do that). School's been keeping me extremely busy. I've come to realize how important doing well in school means to me; thus, I've been spending more time studying and learning. I've also gotten back into video editing! There are new videos up on my youtube! Y'all can check them out here! But most of all, I've also gotten back into modeling. I've been shooting more with brands and photographers, and I'm quite eager to share with you all the content that I've been curating. 

This photoset was for one of my long-time favorite brands, Joyrich. 

I always stress the importance of having a good group of people around you, especially when you're in the industry. At the tender age of 21, it took me a while to distinguish those who are genuine and those who are not. There will be certain people that you'll instantly click and vibe with, and that's how I felt with them!!!

Stay tuned for more.

Enjoy, and to those of you who have stuck around, thank you.