Ever since September of last year, I’ve been carrying around my film camera everywhere I go. There’s something about film that is just so special - you never truly know how the photo will turn out until you get them developed and scan. There’s this almost nostalgic feel you just can’t recreate with anything else.

Here is a visual diary shot on film of my daytimes in Saigon. All photos were shot on my Fujifilm Zoomdate 1300 or Olympus XA2.


Early mornings in Saigon are unlike any other. There’s this little sliver in time - right before the city wakes up - where everything is calm. Wind breezes through the curtains ever so slightly as the sun brings warmth to our room.


Lunch at Namo Italian in Saigon with Thao Nhi, Huy, and Julia. Totally not planned, but we all somehow coordinated outfits.

Taken outside of Street Icon, a pop-up of local street wear brands inside a gymnasium. Here you’ll find the most stylish percentage of Saigon.

Brian Tran, model and one of my closest friends in Saigon.


“I am not a prize.”


I’ll admit the streets of Vietnam are crazy, almost chaotic even. There’s really no order to the madness. People drive and go wherever they please, yet they are still in sync. It’s as if they are all dancing to the same song.


Saigon from above. See that tall dark tower? That’s the tallest building in Southeast Asia.