Growing up I was taught to never leave the house without lipstick on.
Beauty has always been a huge part of my life, and ever since I can remember I was taught to pay attention to the way I look. However, not for anyone else but simply for myself. 

But what is beauty? 

It's different for every person... and that's the hardest part. No matter what there will be someone out there who will criticize the way you look and try to convince you to change. Beauty standards are keen now more than ever with social media playing a huge role in everyone's daily lives and plastic surgery gaining more popularity. Being in this sort of industry, it's always been hard not to fall for these standards. 

Those feelings, those words of criticism, and those thoughts are hard to take as a teenage girl. "Why am I not pretty enough?" "Why don't I look like ___?" "Why can't my eyes be bigger or my nose higher?" But every time I found myself feeling down about my looks, my mom would tell me that my standard of beauty depends only on me and not to compare myself with anyone else. I need to learn to be happy because I am myself and no one else that can change that or even be that.

And thus, I grew into this mentality where I am completely in love and adore my body and my image. To some that may sound narcissistic, but to me that is appreciation and respect. While there are things that I wish were different, I don't wish to change completely. Every day I think of ways to improve and better myself - not only my looks but as a person. Confidence and self-love is key. Just remember that you are unique and you are different... that's what makes you you.


Mom and I spontaneously decided to do this photoshoot after I decided to go for a night swim. Thanks mom for everything.