KORE dad cap | ZARA denim jacket | Eleven Paris long sleeves t-shirt | Daniel Wellington watch | Air Jordan 1 Bred

Whether it be the Purpose Tour merch, Yeezy's, and now Drake's... it seems tour merchandise has become one of the must-have pieces this year. Moving on from simply a memoir of a concert, these collections caused an uproar in the streetwear community with hundreds lining up at pop-up shops in New York City and Los Angeles. While there have been mixed feelings from fans of the artists, I believe this bandwagon is a great one to jump on to.

The long sleeved Iron Maiden t-shirt I have on in this look features graphics from their 2014 England tour combined with Eleven Paris's Life is a Joke collection. Recently I've been into the oversized/baggy look where the sleeves dangle a bit longer than normal and shirts can equal dresses. In this case I decided to roll up the sleeves of the denim jacket in order to accentuate the lettering on the right sleeve.  The distressed denim combined with the slight acid wash on the graphic give a rugged vibe; thus, pairing the look with a red dad cap and my Jordan 1s finished the overall feel of the outfit.

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